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Simplicity enables excellence.
At Elevation, we place a disproportionate value on cultivating a worship experience that boldly celebrates Jesus and attracts people far from God.

For The Honor (Nov. 21, 2011) is a landmark, live recording that captures the energy, excitement and commitment of a church rising up to change the world. This is the unique, no-holds-barred ministry of Elevation Worship, wherein Wade Joye, London Gatch, Mack Brock and Chris Brown serve and lead worship on a weekly basis. After having been on their own separate journeys, each sensed a specific call to unite as a team and join what God was doing at Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC.

In the same spirit as Hillsong, Passion and Jesus Cultureómodern worship grown from a single seed then catapulted on to a national stageóElevation Worship is organic to its environment and yet unique to the digital age in which it was born. It is a passionately dedicated team of gifted songwriters, musicians and students of worship boldly leading, as a single worship team, before six separate congregations across the Charlotte Metro area. The worship gathering is simultaneously broadcast via cutting edge technology allowing the churchís more than 10,000 worshippers to feel closely connected as one church praising with one voice.

Under the direction of Pastor Steven Furtick, himself a worship leader and songwriter, this Charlotte, NC-based churchóone of the fastest growing churches in the U.S.óis the catalyst for a city-wide outreach of epic proportions: in just five short years, Elevation has expanded to six campuses, with more than 10,000 people attending weekly. More than 16,000 people have given their lives to Christ and 2,000 were recently baptized over two weekends.

ìAs a church, we want to be known for audacious faithóbelieving God for the impossibleófor being a generation of honor; and for generosity, being openhanded with the blessings God has given us,î says Wade Joye, worship pastor at Elevation. ìThat is the heartbeat of our church and the values youíll hear through all of the songs on this record.î

Written and produced by Elevation Worship (in partnership with Essential Worship/Provident Label Group) For The Honor features 14 original songs that reflect its collective life experience. The songs were written in conjunction with Pastor Steven's sermon series over the past five years, and inspired by the churchís incredible journey. The result is a rich collection shaped by community, in the context of one powerful move of God.

ìWeíre committed to writing about whatís happening in our peopleís lives, in our church - about whatís happening in our city,î echoes Chris Brown, ìto support the vision of our church and give voice to our people. Our worship is very exciting, alive and loud on purpose. Weíre excited about what God is doing and about lives being changed. That frames everything we do.î

Unapologetically, at its core, Elevation Worship thrives on ësimplicity that enables excellence,î on creating an atmosphere of worship that draws people in from all walks of life, people who are far from God, people who are seeking a spiritual awakening.

From the celebratory opener, ìExalted One,î based on Psalm 121, the project launches into familiar territory, giving honor to the One who makes all things possible. Particularly personal for Wade, ìLord Is My Rock/You Lifted Me Outî follows a driving anthem that reminds Elevation of a specific season of miraculous answers to prayer. Wadeís now 3-year-old twin daughters are living proof. ìThat song, based on Psalm 18, represents our story of when our girls were born 3 months premature and we were told that they might not survive or ever be normal. Today they are healthy girls and are miracles that our church got to witness and be part of. Itís one of those faith monuments,î he says.

The title track, ìFor the Honor,î originated as a text photo with some lyrics from Pastor Stevenís journal, saying he wanted to write a song about honor; one that felt more like a hymn. The band made quick work of his request, with a modern hymn that Elevation worshipers gravitated to.

ìGive Me Faith,î a song introduced two years ago, underscores an essential spiritual truth that many new Christians need to hear: ìSo many of our people are new believers,î Chris says of the songís origins, ìwalking into this for the first time. Itís a song about believing God in the midst of not knowing whatís coming next... You sing a lyric like that, and you want to be there. Youíre not there yet, but you want to believe. Thereís an honesty in this song that people really connect with.î

ìAll Things New,î a collaborative effort first introduced at the live worship taping, culminated in the most moving, spontaneous moment of the evening. ìWe had no idea what the response was going to be that night,î Mack says, ìbut the words of that song seemed to resonate perfectly with our community. ëYouíre making all things new,í is such a simple, but powerful truth. The verses remind us that we canít run far enough from Jesus to where He wonít come find us and bring us back to Himself.î

ìThe spirit in the room was so overwhelming,î Wade adds, ìand Pastor Steven just hopped up on stage and presented the Gospel ñ not worrying about all the logistics of the live recording, just doing what God led him to do ñ and itís probably the most powerful moment on the record.î

Perhaps one of the most unique things about Elevation Worship is the creative, collaborative relationship with Elevation Pastor, and chief worship leader, Steven Furtick. ìThe dynamic of our relationship with our pastor is huge,î says Mack.

ìWe want to be part of restoring the relationship between pastors and worship leaders, adds Wade. ìIt is important if the local church is to impact the world. I believe when you have the vision of the house in your heart, you end up receiving trust to really push things creatively, to try new things.î

Song after song, For The Honor peels back the thematic layers of Elevation Church and the transformational nature of its outreach. ìPastor Steven has often said, ëThe church is the change the world is waiting for,íî Wade says. ìThat idea is such a monumental theme in our history and our culture. If we want to see our city change, it has to start in our church. ìThe Churchî is a powerful reflection of this call to action, and was written specifically from Elevationís response to the earthquake in Haiti in 2009.

With For The Honor, even more than in its previous independent studio releases, Elevation Worship continues to push the creative envelope with bold new melodies that celebrate the freedom found only in Christ ñ yesterday, today and come what may.

ìThis record is a milestone for our church, a turning point saying the best is yet ahead.î Wade says. Itís incredibly moving to stand on that stage and look out over the people singing songs birthed out of this house: ëHeís alive, and we are free... weíve found our peace.í Itís really just the beginning.î

* All proceeds from digital downloads on iTunes on street date will benefit Compassionís Child Survival Program, to support the people of Kamwokya, one of the poorest slums in Kampala, Uganda.

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Elevation Worship Individual Member Bios:

Wade Joye is the Worship Pastor at Elevation Church overseeing all aspects of the worship ministry and of Elevation's weekly worship experience in addition to writing songs and leading worship.

Mack Brock serves as producer for Elevation Worship albums and drives the overall sound of their original material in addition to writing songs and leading worship on a weekly basis.

London Gatch comes from a Messianic Jewish tradition. She leads worship weekly and serves as a project manager for worship the worship department at Elevation Church.

Chris Brown in addition to leading worship and writing songs also develops and raises up new worship leaders and musicians within Elevation Church in order to continually equip the worship ministry cross all 6 campuses.

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