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For everything there is a season. The darkest hour is just before the dawn. All things come to he who waits.

Itís difficult to ignore the truth in such timeless adages, wisdom that often bears repeating, especially for those in the midst of that ěseason,î ědark hour,î or ětime of waiting.î Such is the case with GRAMMY Award nominated, female-fronted rock act Fireflight, whose preceding 2010 album, For Those Who Wait, left listeners patiently anticipating the bandís next move.

Fireflight, too, awaited its new direction. The groupís third studio project laid bare its vulnerability, with songs echoing a cry for divine comfort, guidance, and understanding. As the title suggests, members Dawn Michele (lead vocals), Justin Cox (guitar, keys, vocals), Wendy Drennen (bass, vocals), Glenn Drennen (guitar), and Adam McMillion (drums) were in a ...

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