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The Neverclaim
Essential Records

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The Neverclaim

Jeremiah Carlson – lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Mitchell Maldonado – keys, banjo, guitar
Chuck Hill – bass and upright bass
Josh Anderson – lead guitar
Matthew Warren – guitar
Jared Key – drums, percussion

“We never want to claim God’s glory as our own.”

The Neverclaim, a six-man band from Portland, Oregon, can however claim elusive indie credibility, unabashed rock strength, and a pure collective heart for worship that is instantly contagious upon hearing its self-titled Essential Records debut. Lead singer Jeremiah Carlson’s preceding comment defines the spirit of the group—an engaging, diverse community of musicians that gained famous fans and critical praise before having major label backing yet is quick to direct any achievements back to ...

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The-Neverclaim-Press-Image-.jpg The Neverclaim- Main Press Image (L-R): Jared Key, Chuck Hill, Jeremiah Carlson, Josh Anderson, Matthew Warren, Mitchell Maldonado

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