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Royal Tailor
Essential Records

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Royal Tailor’s GRAMMY-nominated Essential Records debut, Black & White, introduced a young band with a knack for big hooks and pocket-centered grooves; the band has also paralleled its musicality with a fervent focus on life-changing messages, enhanced unprecedented, energetic shows with a purpose and displayed a wholly uncommon degree of potential.

The band’s self-titled sophomore album, Royal Tailor, out October 22 on Essential Records, is an electrifying step forward on every front: funkier, more danceable grooves; bigger sing-alongs; broader stylistic leaps; and deeper, more intimate conversations about God and faith. Royal Tailor shows the eclectic pop-infused rock band fully growing into that potential.

"I think the first album was based off of our instincts, because we were so new to everything," singer ...

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Photo By: Allister Ann

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