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RED - Release The Panic

Two sides inhabit the lifespan of a storm: first, the suddenness of the chaos in the storm itself, then the damage, debris and, hopefully, renewal and new growth in the aftermath.

The members of RED -- vocalist Michael Barnes, bassist Randy Armstrong, guitarist Anthony Armstrong and drummer Joe Rickard -- have lived the storms, and need you to believe you can come out the other side while listening to the tracks that make up the bandís new project Release The Panic.

The duality infused in all of Release The Panicís songs -- be it musical or lyrical, from the title track all the way through -- is absolutely intentional.

ìEvery song on this record is two-sided,î Randy says. ìëDamageí is a great example, talking about how ëall I do is damage,í yet ...

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Press-site-banner.jpg Red - Main Press Image (L-R): Randy Armstrong, Anthony Armstrong, Michael Barnes, Joe Rickard
Photo By: Joseph Anthony Baker

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